Small Shoulder Bag CHP4


Small Fabric Shoulder Bag

Made by Otavalo, Ecuador Indigenous (Kichwa) craftspeople.

Size is 18 cm wide x 20 cm. high x 1.5 cm deep. (7 inches wide x 7.9 inches high x 0.6 inches deep)

With colorful fabric strap approx 108 cm in length. (42.5 inches).

Folding flap at front with coconut shell button and acai beads. Zippered top. Extra zippered compartment at front of bag.

In a variety of bright Andean fabrics. Inside is lined with black fabric.

For any color preferences, place comment in text box. Can be in a variety of colors or one predominant color choice.


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Weight 75.00 Grams
Sku CHP4
Fabric shoulder bag, made by Otavalo Natives.
Fabric shoulder bag, flap open.