Colorful Scarves CSC1


Colorful Acrylic Scarves

Made by Ecuador Indigenous in Otavalo.

Measure 58cm x 180cm (22.8 inches x 70.8 inches)

In 8 different patterns: Calado, Trenzado, Llano Rayado, Franjas Anchas (Wide stripe), Zig Zag, Mallas (netting). Franjeado, One Color, Maipys, and Cross Rays.

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Weight 67.00 Grams
Sku CSC1
Indigenous scarves
Indigenous scarves
Indigenous scarves
Indigenous Scarves made in Otavalo - Trenzado style
Indigenous Scarves Ecuador made- Calado style
Rayado Style Native made scarf.
Wide stripe - franjas anchas - scarf made by Indigenous in Otavalo
Zig Zag pattern - Ecuador Indigenous scarf made in Otavalo
Mallas Pattern Kichwa scarf made in Otavlao by Indigenous.
Franjeado pattern - Otavalo scarves made by Kichwa indigenous.
One color scarves made in Otavalo, Ecuador by native weavers.
Maipys pattern scarf made by Otavalo Indigenous.
Cross rays - cruces de rayes pattern - of scarves made by Ecuador Kichwa in Otavalo.
Bright Colored Acrylic  Scarves